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Who We Are

FAWN is a registered charity (81930 0880 RR0001) made up of hardworking, dedicated, like-minded animal lovers that have seen a need in this community to speak up and help them out. We are not limiting ourselves to only helping dogs/cats; other initiatives will exist to help out all types of animals in a number of different ways.

We are now in the process of raising funds in order to implement our Spay/Neuter assistance program.

Please note that we cannot provide medication, nor assist with vet costs of any kind at this time. We suggest speaking to your vet about PetCard or other payment options should you require immediate assistance.

Flood Relief

FAWN launched a Pet Supply Assistance program in order to provide immediate relief to families affected by the flood. We thank our supporters for making it possible to help so many families in their time of need.

While FAWN will be continuing the Pet Supply Assistance program in the future, we have decided to place the program on hold while we resume working on our other exciting programs.

We hope for your continued support while we implement our exciting new programs. Please "like" us on Facebook to keep up with the latest FAWN news!


FAWN has been working for over a year to perfect our Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP). We are currently working to fundraise in order to get SNAP started. If you would like more information, please see the Programs page

Keep your eye on this page for updates! If you wish to make a donation to help us get the program started, please feel free to contact us or use the PayPal button located above.

How Can I Help?

Our biggest need at this time is donations. Thunder Bay has asked for a Spay/Neuter program and FAWN is delivering! Please consider making a monetary donation so we can get this program started. Every penny counts!

FAWN can now issue tax reciepts for donations over $20.